About Us

In 1972, a group of community-minded Sawyer County citizens realized that housing for the elderly was missing throughout the county. These civic-minded individuals started working on a plan to meet the need for safe, affordable housing and plan for the future. They formed the Nonprofit Corporation, assembled a Board of Directors and solicited donations from the community at large. Once they had enough money they bought land and obtained loans from the Rural Rental Housing Program that was funded through the USDA-Farmers Home Administration.

Construction began in 1973/74 at three different locations in Sawyer County. In Winter, the buildings consist of eight one-bedroom apartments with a separate attached laundry room. In Radisson, four two bedroom apartments were built. In Hayward, sixteen one bedroom apartments were built with two laundry rooms in a two-story building. Each of these locations was chosen for their convenience to neighborhood amenities for the residents who would live there.

In 1986 another two-story, sixteen unit building was constructed across from the existing Hayward building. This new building was needed due to the increased population that wanted to make Hayward their home.

The apartments are now run by a full-time manager and a full-time maintenance man, with a Board of Directors overseeing the total operation who still volunteer their time on your behalf.

Interested in housing? Click the links below to download the application forms. Just fill out and return in-person.

Galaxie Apartments Application Form

Tenant Release and Consent Form

http://www.sawyercountyhousing.com/Housing Authority